My Experience Using a Wok

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I thought I would take a moment to write a little post outlining some pros and cons of using a wok. This is definitely not a post to try and convince you to use it, just simply a summary of what my experience has been with it thus far. I should say that I’m still very new to using a wok and am  learning how to care for it and all that good stuff. However, after 3 months, here is what I found: Read More

Oven Baked Apples With Raspberry Preserve

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If you’re looking for something sweet, simple and delicious, I just might have the perfect dessert for you. These apples are best when it’s cold but nobody said you can’t make them all year round! I present to you the most simple dessert I have ever made!

1. First you will need to gather some apples. I used Golden Delicious for this. That’s what I use pretty much every time so I don’t know what other ones would taste like but you can always experiment. 

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20-Minute Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry

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We don’t cook a whole lot of beef but when we do, we make this delicious and quick stir fry that literally takes about 20 minutes to make. Most of the work lays in chopping the ingredients and the frying part takes only about 5-7 minutes, if that! The number of ingredients may seem overwhelming but once we got all of our main sauces, they’re ready to go in the fridge whenever we need them and we just get the meat and vegetables to make this magical meal happen. Before we jump into the recipe, I have some tips that are a must to make a successful stir fry: Read More

Feeding a Picky Two Year Old Part II

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Just recently I wrote a post on some things we do at home to encourage our two year old daughter to eat. I focused on how we adjusted to her eating style and schedule which has been working pretty well so far. Today I’d like to focus more on the actual food we keep on hand and cook for her on a regular basis. 

I should probably start out by saying that I’m an advocate for feeding kids home made meals using minimally processed ingredients. However, I know how things go. We get busy, our kids get picky and it’s not always possible to do that. In fact, we often have to choose our battles and adapt to what’s happening in our lives, how much time we have, what she will actually eat etc. We may take short cuts and maybe serve foods that are not the healthiest but we do, we move on and life goes on. We do the best we can but please do not ever think our daughter eats the perfect diet. While we strive for it to be the best it can be, we have days where it’s just “what it is.” Being in the food and nutrition field, I always thought my kid will eat the perfect diet because as a dietitian of course I will do everything perfectly. It doesn’t work that way. Our two year old has a mind of her own and often times we are just happy that she ate at all, whatever that could be. Read More

Natural Cough Remedy That Works

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I don’t have a problem with cough syrup, I really don’t. In fact, I would have loved to take some codeine to get rid of this cough that was lingering for weeks after having a cold. However, because I’m pregnant I couldn’t do that and good old Robitussin was just not cutting it. One of the nurses at work suggested I chew on some fresh ginger which she said worked for her. I decided to give this a try and to my surprise it did work! I created a little drink with ginger in it rather than just chewing it which is not very appealing to me.  This little mixture not only tastes good but also works wonders in relieving cough and if you drink it 2-3 times/day, you might be able to get rid of it altogether. I still have some cough left over but not nearly as bad and after having a cup of this, I can go hours without coughing.  So here it is, a natural “cough syrup” that’s totally safe for pregnant mamas or anyone that would rather avoid chemicals.

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Vegan Lentil, Barley and Kale Soup

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This is what happens in California every year – we approach September and it’s still hot, temperature often in the three digit zone. At this point we are desperate for fall but summer decides to drag on forever. This year is no exception. This week we are expecting 100 degree weather for four days straight. Even Starbucks is trying to bring fall early by introducing their pumpkin spice latte earlier than normal and still nothing! People want to “fall decorate” but how can you get into the cozy mood when you can still be splashing around in a pool outside? I decided to join forces with everyone to bring about my favorite season of the year – fall!  I  started cooking soups and first soup of the season is one of my favorite soups; my vegan lentil, barley, kale and potato soup! I’m keeping my finger crossed that it cools off soon :) Read More

Linguine with Tuna Puttanesca

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Who doesn’t love a quick meal that tastes good? Friends, let me introduce you to the queen of quick and easy. This is your perfect week night meal that will literally take less than 15 minutes to make and it beats fast food or any frozen dish you might be tempted to eat on a busy day. The time you would spend in the drive through would pretty much be the time you would spend cooking this. Plus, your kitchen will be filled with beautiful aroma of garlic, basil, capers and tomatoes. I have been making this dish since 2011 and it hasn’t gotten old yet. Be prepared to have family members enter your kitchen and ask what’s that beautiful smell! Whereas most recipes of Tuna Puttanesca use canned tomatoes, I suggest using fresh tomatoes if you can as it will add a bit more flavor. 

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Cabbage with Parsley and Ginger

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Cabbage is the vegetable where I come from. I’m so used to eating it that at times I even forget it’s a vegetable. When I first started cooking cabbage for my own family, I followed my mom’s recipe. Her cabbage does come out amazing every time. With time though, I transformed it into something, what’s the word, more modern with a kick. I would say the recipe is close to perfect at this point so I thought I would share the love. When cooking my cabbage today, I added ginger to it for the first time and my oh my! Cabbage has never been this exciting!  Read More